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Our Privacy Gate Will Ensure You Have Plenty of Parking

You are looking for an apartment to live in and our Fremont apartments for rent is a good choice for you. There are many wonderful features about our apartments that you will love and it will make our community home. Check out some of the features that make our apartments stand out. Our apartments have a variety of different floor plans you can … [Read more...]

Flora Oakland is a Great Place for a Date Night

Fremont Fair

When you want to do something fun with a date, whether it’s your second date or your 20th, food often enters into the equation. After all, everybody eats, right? Finding a great place for date night isn’t always easy though. The next time you’re looking for a restaurant for date night you need to check out Flora. They have a wonderful menu that you and … [Read more...]

Check Out These 4 Oakland Area Food Trucks

Food Trucks in Pebble Creek

Food trucks may have seemed like a fad, but they're here to stay with good reason. Not only are they ubiquitous and efficient, the most popular food trucks are delicious. In Pebble Creek's Fremont, CA apartments, you're close to all of the East Bay's offerings including appetizing Oakland area food trucks. Art lovers and food lovers unite at the … [Read more...]

5 Ideas for Cooking in Your Kitchen

Improvements You Can Make to Your Rental Kitchen

There are many advantages to living in apartments in Fremont, CA, and one of them is finding creative ways to utilize compact kitchens to their fullest potential. While space-efficient apartment kitchens may seem challenging to cook in, you can make meal preparation a breeze with the five cooking ideas below. Make the most of burner space with a … [Read more...]

The Skylights in Our Apartment Homes Provide Natural Light

Empty Apartment Space

We take pride in offering Fremont apartments with skylights, as this feature provides your apartment with plenty of natural light. The skylights are just the beginning of the amenities we offer to our residents. The skylights, windows and private patio or balcony fill your apartment with the natural light you need to live comfortably. When your … [Read more...]

Keep Yourself Cool This Summer Using These 5 Tips

Pebble Creek Communities

Don’t underestimate the need to keep cool when the temperatures start to soar – it’s not just to be comfortable, but to be safe as well. Use the following tips in apartment living in Fremont CA to keep cool during the intense summer heat: What to wear: Wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing. Choose natural fibers over synthetics. Your … [Read more...]

Check Out Fremont’s Food Truck Scene During Fremont’s Street Eats

Food Trucks in Pebble Creek

One thing that is getting buzz in this town is the cuisine. The food scene in Fremont CA is lively and eclectic, offering good variety, from casual to gourmet. Every Friday evening, several trucks line up, showcasing delicious offerings. You can eat American, Mexican, Asian, and more. It is appetizing and affordable. Walk up to a truck, order what you … [Read more...]

How to Use Indoor Plants in Your Apartment Decor

Balcony Decorating

Indoor plants can make for excellent apartment decor, not least because of their use as a reminder of the season. Here are ideas for using indoor plants to decorate your apartment: Plants can make for a refreshing contrast to the rest of their surroundings. As a result, consider spacing them out rather than concentrating them in a single location, … [Read more...]

Aqua Adventure is the Perfect Place to Cool Off This Summer

Aqua Adventure is the Perfect Place to Cool Off This Summer

Looking for somewhere to go to escape the heat? Spending a day at Aqua Adventure is one of the best things to do in Fremont, CA this summer when you need to cool off. Aqua Adventure, which is close to our Fremont community, has several water rides available where you can have fun and feel refreshed at the same time. The park features thrilling water … [Read more...]

Use These 5 Clutter Clearing Tips in Your Apartment

Keep Your Home Office Organized With These 3 Tips

A messy environment is an obstacle to harmonious living, so pick up clutter before it gets out of control. Here are five apartment cleaning ideas for your Pebble Creek home: Toss out paper -- Bills and receipts accumulate over time; it's best to sort through your pile and throw away what you don't need. Also, go digital whenever possible. Consume … [Read more...]