How to Make Your Old Furniture Work in Your New Apartment

Pebble Creek Communities

One of the advantages of Fremont CA apartment living is access to a space that you can customize all you want to. One of the best ways to do this is by giving new life to old furniture. Just because you've had it for a long time doesn't mean it isn't still useful. Sometimes, an older piece of furniture can get a whole new lease on life with painting … [Read more...]

Green Living: 3 Tips for Living Greener in Your Fremont Apartment

Apartment Livingroom

With Spring in the air it is a great time to rethink how green living in our Fremont Ca apartments works for you and your family. Here are three green healthy living tips that will help you live better while making the environment better and saving yourself some money too. Reduce energy use: Unplug appliances and electronics, like cell phone … [Read more...]

3 Great Brunch Restaurants in the Bay Area

Pebble Creek Communities

Are you looking for a great restaurant to have a weekend brunch? Than you can try out one of these three great Bay Area restaurants. They are full of delicious choices for everyone, and they also provide great wine and spirits menus. Redd. For a lovely country cuisine with influences from Mexico, Asia, and Europe head to Redd. You will find great … [Read more...]

The Skylights in Our Fremont Apartments Provides Great Natural Light

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One of the most exciting things about living in Fremont apartments is decorating to personalize your space. From trying to find the perfect rug to carefully planning how you'll be mixing patterns to create the perfect look, decorating is an important part of apartment living. But did you know that one of the most overlooked aspects of … [Read more...]

Celebrate Earth Day in Oakland on April 26

WGA Earth Day

Now that spring is here it is almost time to celebrate Earth Day. What will you be doing on April 26h? The Oakland area will be hosting projects throughout the City's parks, streets, creeks and waterways to help clean and beautify the area. Volunteer. You can dedicate time to help clean at available sites. From 9am to noon you and your friends can … [Read more...]

Add Some Beautiful Spring Flowers to Your Fremont Apartment With These 3 Tips

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Many of us in our Fremont Ca apartments would agree that nothing says spring like beautiful flowers. Here are 3 ways to make flowers a part of your spring decor. Fill boxes with color: Take a window or patio box and fill it with beautiful, brightly colored flowers that include the early bloomers, like lavender, roses and peonies and combine with … [Read more...]

Find Fresh Fruits and Veggies at Mountain View Farmers’ Market

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Are you looking for fresh fruits and vegetables? We at Pebble Creek Apartments are always looking for great sources for produce, such as Bay Area farmer's markets. The Mountain View Farmers' Market wins - literally. Over the last fifteen years the market has won lots of awards. The American Farmland Trust's: America's Favorite Farmers' Market Contest … [Read more...]

Refresh Your One Bedroom Fremont Apartment With These 3 Tips

Pebble Creek Communities

After you've been living in our Fremont CA apartments for a while, it's nice to change things up a little, so your space feels new again. If your apartment is feeling a little stale these days, here are three tips to freshen it up. Clean everything up, both dust and clutter. No room feels new when it has a coat of dust on the furniture and … [Read more...]

Utilize These 5 Tips for Cooking in Your Fremont Apartment With Making a Mess

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At Pebble Creek, our Fremont apartments have fully equipped kitchens with electric ranges. So, there's no excuse not to cook - except dread of the mess you might make. Here are five tips for keeping your kitchen clean and tidy while you make that complicated meal you're longing for: Look for ways to use fewer bowls or pans. If you have one … [Read more...]

During Your Spring Cleaning, Utilize Our Available Storage Units

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Time to spring clean your Pebble Creek apartment.  Are you ready? We offer great apartment amenities and large closets to store all of your stuff, but when spring cleaning happens sometimes you want to get all of your clutter out of the apartment for a while. If this is you, then we have extra storage space available for short term or long term … [Read more...]