Buy Local at the Mountain View Farmer’s Market

Buy Local at the Mountain View Farmer's Market

When it's time to create some delicious dinner fare at your Fremont apartment, you might be looking for places to do local shopping in Fremont so you can obtain locally raised, harvested, or sourced ingredients.  This allows you the confidence of knowing that you're preparing meals for yourself and your family that have the freshest and most healthy … [Read more...]

The Skylights in Our Apartments Provide Natural Light

The Skylights in Our Apartments Provide Natural Light

We take pride in offering cozy Fremont CA apartments for rent. The interior is beautiful and the amenities make apartment living an enjoyable experience. Take our skylights for example. The skylights add a luxurious feel while letting in the natural light. The skylights are not your own source of natural light. We offer large windows with coverings in … [Read more...]

Take a Romantic Trip to Wente Vineyards for Valentine’s Day

Take a Romantic Trip to Wente Vineyards for Valentine's Day

When Valentine's Day comes, take a special trip to wine country in Northern CA. Wente Vineyards is a wonderful place to celebrate love with your special someone. It goes beyond cultivating grapes to give guests an experience they won't forget. Enjoy tastings, have a meal at the restaurant, and buy a few bottles to take home. A good bottle of wine is a … [Read more...]

How to Properly Store Your Collectibles in Your Apartment

How to Properly Store Your Collectibles in Your Apartment

The best part of apartment living in Fremont CA is the amount of space you have to store your collectibles. However, it is still up to you to take care of these precious items. Use the following tips to properly store or display your favorite collectibles. Go With Simple Shelves: You can purchase shelves and bookcases at any furniture store, or even … [Read more...]

Check Out the Best Art in Fremont at These 3 Art Galleries

Check Out the Best Art in Fremont at These 3 Art Galleries

Experience some of the best art in Fremont at any of these galleries. Fremont Art Association – The Association operates an art gallery located on Niles Boulevard and offers monthly guest artist presentations, annual events and the opportunity to work with a large number of seasoned artists. Art classes and workshops as well as photo classes are … [Read more...]

How to Save Money on Your Winter Heating Bills

How to Save Money on Your Winter Heating Bills

With the winter season here, it is time to bundle up and turn on the heat. For many, the energy bills go up, but with some smart tips, they don't have to. If you want to know how to save money on your winter heating bills, a few suggestions can help. They are simple, will keep you warm while saving you money. One of the easiest ways to save is by … [Read more...]

Gather With Friends for a Lunch at Mirchi Cafe

Lamb Steak

No matter what kind of food you may be craving, Fremont has a restaurant for you, many of which are just a short distance from our apartment community.  One of those restaurants include Mirchi Cafe, which mixes the flavors of Asia, India, and Pakistan with traditional American foods.  It's truly a one of a kind restaurant in Fremont. Mirchi focuses on … [Read more...]

Improve Your Cooking for Free With These 5 Tips

Ruddy Fried Chicken Drumsticks In A Pan

Preparing dinner can seem a daunting process but with the help of these apartment living tips, you can improve your cooking and elevate your meals to the next level. Keep the recipe near –Print out the recipe and post it at eye level for a helpful way to keep your hands free. Be prepared –Have the ingredients the recipe calls for set up in … [Read more...]

Learn About the History of Fremont at the Various Historical Sites

Mormon Rocks

Fremont, CA is a place that is full of history. You will enjoy all that you can learn about the area and its significance to this country's past. The mysteries of the present are revealed in the events of the past. As you visit each one of the Fremont Ca historical sites you will better understand the community of Fremont. Washington Township has been a … [Read more...]

Keep Your Important Papers in Order With These 3 Tips

Empty Open Paper Box Isolated On White Background,with Clipping

Tracking paperwork and bills can be messy if you don’t have a good way to organize them. That’s why we have collected these paper organization tips for you. A re-purposed plastic dish rack makes for a perfect tray to store letters and important papers. There even is a convenient pen holder included. Keep important documents in the drying slats, … [Read more...]